In the annals of awful crimes, this one is tough to top.

Police in Williamson, Illinois arrested a man for trying to steal the wallet of a man while he appeared to have a heart attack at a local bar.

The shocking theft was caught on camera, which you can see above.

After Larry Lotter fell to the ground during the heart attack, friends tried to help. Bryan Kuegler also stood there, but for totally different reasons, according to Lotter:

As the EMT’s were getting ready to come in, is when he reached down and grabbed my wallet and stuck it in his pants.”

Lotter took a pair of $50 bills and slipped the wallet back onto the floor. He also tried to use the cash to buy drinks for the woman Lotter was with at the time.

Making the crime even more stunning is the fact Lotter fixed Kuegler's car brakes a few weeks ago.

Lotter was able to identify Kuegler, who's now looking at up to five years behind bars.

As it turns out, doctors said Lotter did not actually have a heart attack and have not ruled out the possibility that Kuegler, who has an extensive criminal record, may have put something in Lotter's drink to make him collapse.

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