No, the Price Chopper on Genesee Street in Oneida is not closing.

Since last week, rumors have been swirling about the fate of that particular Price Chopper.

A post from "Daily Madison News" went viral on Facebook, which claimed the store would permanently close on April 19. Residents were understandably upset and concerned, as that store is one of the only grocery chains in the city.

WIBX heard from some of these residents, so the team reached out to Price Chopper to set the record straight.

Price Chopper in Oneida Is Not Closing

Photo Credit: TSM
Photo Credit: TSM

WIBX spoke to a Price Chopper representative this morning regarding the viral post and subsequent rumors.

The agent looked into the matter and confirmed there is a Central New York store closing this month, but it is not the Oneida location. It is the supermarket in Clay and its final day of operation is Saturday, April 19.

The Clay location was marked for closure after "thoroughly reviewing the store's current and future viability," per a press release from Price Chopper/Market 32 president Blaine Bringhurst.

Another Price Chopper will close the same day near Scranton, Pennsylvania.

So, no, the Price Chopper in Oneida is not closing. This is confirmed.

Don't Believe Everything You See on Facebook

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I remember reading a joke from a fellow journalist on April Fools, where she said she loved April 1 because it is the only day in the calendar year where people actually scrutinize Facebook posts before believing them.

It was a comically true, and sad, observation. It would have come in handy with this recent spoof about the Price Chopper in Oneida.

It's confirmed the Facebook post is a hoax and has since been removed from the social media platform - but screengrabs of the post are still making the rounds. Please don't share them and spread this proven misinformation.

Here's a few ways to stop yourself from falling for a Facebookhoax:

7 Ways to Spot a Facebook Hoax

A recent hoax that the Price Chopper Store in Oneida, NY, was closing its doors went viral across the community and online. The report was debunked by WIBX after speaking directly with a Price Chopper rep.

Lies on Facebook spread because they're designed to elicit a strong reaction, whether it be outrage or pure joy. Some hoaxters will operate on a local level in hopes of agitating residents and stirring up controversy.

Here's how you can stop yourself from falling for a fake news report. 

Gallery Credit: Megan

When dealing with seemingly national or international headlines, a reliable fact-checking source is, which regularly updates its reports on current viral trends and also save you from being served a slice of humble pie from a mutual friend or two.

Also, you can always reach out to WIBX to help you check the veracity of a news report.

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If we act like every day is April Fools Day on Facebook, I think our feeds would look a lot better. Stay suspicious, my friends.

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