Despite a terrible battle with flesh-eating disease that claimed her left leg, right foot and both hands, Georgia student Aimee Copeland was able to briefly leave her hospital room for the first time in 49 days. And from here, doctors say, her prognosis is good.

“She just enjoyed the sunshine on her face and the breezes blowing through her hair and the smell of pine trees was really close by,” said Copeland’s father, Andy. “And she just sat there and just took it all in.”

Copeland’s condition has been upgraded from “serious” to “good,” and she plans to soon transfer from Doctor’s Hospital in Augusta to an inpatient rehab center, where she’ll learn to manage her multiple amputations.

According to Copeland’s dad, her recovery is nothing short of a miracle brought on by the well-wishes of her many supporters.

“I don’t believe she’d be where she is today without the prayer, love, and support of millions of people across this country,” he said. “We’ve seen a miracle performed right before our very eyes.”

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