A new sustainability path will soon find a home at SUNYIT, in Marcy.

The college is one of ten winners in the inaugural Small Grant Sustainability Competition, held by the State University of New York and coordinated by the SUNY Office of Sustainability.

Chancellor Nancy Zimpher says she's proud of the program.

"By leveraging our systemness and working together to bring excellent programs and new ideas to scale, SUNY continues to drive sustainability throughout New York State," Zimpher said.

SUNYIT's winning proposal allows for a student built "Sustainability Path" along the campus' nature trail, using wind, solar and hydropower energy to operate lights and a fountain.

A hydropowered energy storage system will also be built to hold electricity for days when the sun isn't shining and the wind isn't blowing.

Engineering students enrolled in SUNYIT's Design Process class will build the path with guidance from several faculty members.

The competition's goal is to reduce the amount of energy used in the State by promoting education and research.

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