Everyone knows that the impact of brain injuries is an issue facing the NFL, but the latest former player to raise awareness of it is doing so in a unique way.

Ben Utecht, a tight end who retired in 2009, has recorded a song about a football player singing to his family in case he starts to forget them. It's called 'You Will Always Be My Girls.'

Utecht, 33, won a Super Bowl with the Colts and says even at his young age, he has noticed he's had problems with his memory. He suffered five concussions during his playing career.

Utecht says, “It’s really become a mission to help people who are suffering with brain disease. I didn’t begin to care about my mind until I began to lose my mind. You don’t really make it a priority until it begins to be affected.”

Utecht has become something of an ambassador, taking on a role as spokesman for the American Brain Foundation and American Academy of Neurology.

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