department of justice

Branded Women
The Department of Justice has hired an outside vendor to help sift through a massive amount of data from the computers of a New York-based self-improvement group accused of branding women and forcing them into unwanted sex.
Fuel Economy-Lawsuit
The federal government can't delay plans to more than double penalties automakers pay when they fail to meet fuel economy standards, an appeals court said on Monday in siding with five states.
Protests in Baltimore
BALTIMORE (AP) — Amid tears and cries for justice, demonstrators poured into the streets of Baltimore carrying signs emblazoned with the name of a man who died from a spinal injury he suffered while in police custody. Tuesday's demonstration marked the beginning of a week of protests and …
Oneida County Drug Bust
Federal authorities are holding a press conference in Syracuse this afternoon to release details regarding a large-scale drug bust in Oneida County.

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