Rick Perry

Texas Court Clears Perry
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Texas' highest criminal court has dismissed the second and final felony charge against former Gov. Rick Perry, likely ending a case the Republican says helped sink his short-lived 2016 presidential run.
Obama Tries To Shift Migrant Debate
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — President Barack Obama is seeking to recast the political debate over young migrants arriving at the border as a question of Republican willingness to tackle the problem, not his decision to skip a chance to view the crisis first-hand.
Ouch! Rick Perry is Now More Hated on YouTube Than Rebecca Black [VIDEOS]
A new Rick Perry ad in which the Texas governor and presidential hopeful laments that gays can serve openly in the military but kids can’t pray in school hasn’t received the YouTube reception his campaign was hoping for. In fact, in just three days Perry’s “Stronger” spot amassed almost twice as many dislikes on the video sharing site as Rebecca Black‘s spectacularly maligned ‘Friday’ video has si
Texas Governor Rick Perry Will ‘Make Clear’ He’s Running for President
Texas Governor Rick Perry, who has yet to formally announce his candidacy for the GOP presidential nomination, is certainly acting like he’s in the running. Two associates have said he will visit the early-voting states South Carolina and New Hampshire on Saturday. Perry will give a speech in South Carolina “to make clear that he’s running for president” before then heading to a house party in New