Friday, June 13th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- Donald Sterling is back at it again. This time he has hired 5 different high profile law firms to sue the NBA for $5 Billion.

- Mayor Rob Palmieri will be on the program to talk about Stewart's Shops issue.

- Father's Day weekend coming up and FrogFest as well this Saturday. Andrew will be Bill's boss for the day! Get your FrogFest tickets here:

- Our conversations no matter how serious always get around to conversations about food.

- Rangers play tonight to continue to stay alive.

- Celine Dion did something stupid again, we'll get into those details later.

- Obama's presidency is beginning to crumble with all the problems in the Middle East.


- The latest episode of Plate Night is now live on our website. It's Charlie's Pizza and they're making home made Gnocchi and Chicken Saltimbocca. Watch this episode NOW:

- Texas Governor Rick Perry was in San Francisco to counsel homosexuals into being straight again and he compared homosexuality to alcoholism. He claims it's a choice that can be made to stop.

- President George H. Bush has aged quite a bit. He recently celebrated his 90th Birthday and to celebrate it, he went skydiving out of a helicopter.

- Bill discusses his sky diving experience and how he did it live on the air with the help of a Motorola bag phone.

- Today is Friday the 13th and some people fear this day!


- Orange is the New Black is back and one of the characters in the show lived in Rome, NY.

- People are already wondering when the 3rd season will be released, because they have binge watched the second season. This rainy weather we've had makes it easy to do.

- OITNB takes place in a fictional prison in Litchfield, NY and that yields a lot of Central New York references, especially Utica.

- A police officer was suspended for 4-years when he pistol whipped his father and attacked him because he caught him in bed with his wife. (I hope you can follow that).

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- Ray gives us his daily weather forecast and tells us how wonderful the weekend will be!

Willie Waffle - Weekend Movie Reviews

- We discuss with Willie Friday the 13th, Tracy Morgan, Jonah Hill's recent F-WORD bomb and his apologies.

- He also reviews How to Train a Dragon 2 and 22 Jump Street.

Kevin McDonald Sr. - Flag Day Ceremony

- Kevin McDonald Sr. is with the Utica Elks Lodge 33 and they are teaming up with the Purple Heart CNY chapter 490 to hold a Flag Day ceremony.

- We discuss the origin of Flag Day and it came from the ELKS.

- Jeff will be at the ceremony om June 14th at 4:00pm where Eve St. meets Whitesboro St. Congressman Hanna will be there as well.

Tom Calls In

- Tom calls in to talk Erie Canal and Friday the 13th.

Father's Day Gifts - Shanda Cortines

- With Father's Day happening this weekend, we discussed Father's Day gifts, Dos and Don'ts and we spoke with Shanda who is a Shopping and Gift Etiquette Expert.

- You can visit her website at


- We give listener's the opportunity to call in and plug, complain, or speak their mind.

News Story Recaps So Far This Morning

- Plate Night! Watch it now on our website.

- Rick Perry compares homosexuality to alcoholism. We play audio.

- A mayor in California threw dog waste on his neighbors lawn for the sake of laziness really. It didn't have to do with the fact he hated his neighbor.

- We discuss again the story of the sheriff deputy who pistol whipped his father for sleeping with his wife. Audio is played.

Dr. Meena Bose - Hofstra University

- Dr. Bose is the Chair of Presidential Studies at Hofstra University. She teaches courses on the American Presidency, American Foreign Policy and American Politics // author of Shaping and Signaling Presidential Policy: The National Security Decision Making of Eisenhower and Kennedy.

- We discussed with Dr. Bose the abundance of problems plaguing the Obama presidency and the effect of the loss of GOP House Majority Rep Eric Cantor's loss.

Senator Phillip Boyle - Revenge Porn

- Senator Boyle explains the definition of Revenge Porn and what constitutes revenge porn.

- Bill asks Senator Boyle about the possibility of the bill passing in the liberal assembly.

- Senator Boyle classifies this as a form of harassment. Senator Boyle says people have to think before they act in regards to situations like this.

- An example of this could be "selfies" that are inappropriate being sent to a significant others.

- In some cases these photos can be considered child porn.

- As the Bill stands now, the punishment would be a misdemeanor for the first offense and then a repeat offense could be a light felony.

- William comments on the issue by stating that people shouldn't engage in "Slutty Behavior."

- This is not just a guy thing, it can apply to women as well.

Mayor Rob Palmieri - City of Utica

- Bill believes Stewart vote is against progress.

- The mayor believes we have to move on and focus on economic development. He speaks very highly of Stewart's and their nature of community.

- He wants to focus on keeping Stewart's here. He talks about taking vacant buildings and turning them into business and other big businesses coming in here.

- The mayor believes that even though it may send a negative message, his background in sales and marketing will overcome this one negative. He will continue to work to sell the area to perspective businesses.

- Mayor Palmieri addresses the criticism of his administrations handling of the situation. He talks about how he tried to sell the old Bossert site and they wanted the Culver Ave. location. As soon as Mayor Palmieri found that out he contacted Joe Marino.

- Bill asks about the possible sale of a local hotel. Could be a nice feather in the administrative cap.

- The mayor feels that economic development is the key to growth and progress.

Lt. Steve Hauck - New Police Officers

- Before we talk to Lt. Hauck, we talk about the letters released from Bowe Bergdahl. These letters were sent as a POW. You have to look at some of the misspelled words.

- Lt. Hauck weighs in on letters and captivity.

- Bergdahl is home now and it will be the first time his parents will have seen him in a while.

- Big day yesterday for the UPD. They have sworn in 22 new police recruits, which is a record for the UPD and there is the potential for 3 more.

- We discuss the bad rep that convenience stores get and Lt. Hauck talks about the difference between corporate and mom and pop shops.

Have a great weekend and Happy Father's Day!

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