Local Inventor Gives Us ‘Leg Up’ on Dangerous Ticks
A science teacher at Union Springs near Auburn, NY might have figured out a way to rigorously reduce the tick problem in Upstate New York and it might turn out to be a money maker. Jason Dean, originally of Canastota, has created a prototype 'tick Sweeping' machine that al out completely e…
NY--Longhorned Tick
An invasive tick species native to Asia that's been spreading across the eastern United States has been found for the first time in New York.
Ticks-New Species Warning
Public health and agriculture officials are warning New York residents, farms and visitors to take precautions outdoors as a new tick species has been found in the state.
Tick-Borne Diseases
U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer says New York communities girding for a jump in tick-borne diseases as the weather warms up need federal funding to combat the problem now rather than later.

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