New York State has of the worst problems during the summer. We have a massive tick problem around here. There is a super scary warning from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regarding ticks and a newly discovered disease that is potentially lethal. Here is what is doing to people in New York State.

What is the new tick disease called?

Babesiosisis is a new lethal disease that ticks transmit. It is found in mice, vole, and other outdoor animals. 

Did I get infected by a tick with Babesiosisis? What are the symptoms?

It takes 24 hours for the tease to be transferred.

  • flu-like symptoms
  • fatigue
  • fever
  • sweats
  • muscle aches
  •  nausea
  • vomiting
  • headache
  • shaking chills
  • bloody urine

Babesiosis is infection of red blood cells by a parasite called Babesia. People who get sick with babesiosis may have fever, chills, muscle pain, and fatigue. Most infections are acquired in the northeastern United States (U.S.) and are due to a kind of Babesia called Babesia microti", according to the CDC website.

How many cases are there in New York State of tick-borne illnesses and Lyme Disease?

We went to and found out that New York State is actually the second-worst state in America when it comes to ticks and Lyme Disease. Here are the total amount of cases per state:

  • Pennsylvania: 73,610 cases.
  • New York: 69,313 cases.
  • New Jersey: 51,578 cases.
  • Massachusetts: 50,234 cases.
  • Connecticut: 36,727 cases
Most amounts of the cases happen closest to New York City, which might seem ironic that there are a lot of tick infections there despite there not being as many wooded areas as one would think.

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