The Mets will be playing in the same park next year, however, Citi Field will look quite different.

Adam Rubin of has a gallery of the new Citi Field drawing board in his article detailing the new dimensions.

Around the entire ballpark, the new wall will be half the height of the existing one (16' to 8'), and stand several feet closer to home plate. The distance from home plate to the wall is unchanged directly down-the-lines in right and left-field, and to straight-away center-field.

Some fans have blamed the teams' offensive struggles on the park's size, which is much larger than most around the league, sporting a 16-foot high wall virtually all the way around the outfield and very deep power gaps (415 feet in right-center).

The article notes that in the stadiums first three seasons, just nine opposite field home runs have been hit, and none have been hit by the Mets.

And, the color of the outfield wall will be changed, too.

To appease fans critical of the ballpark's lack of recognition of the club's history, the new wall will be blue. The old wall has been a blackish shade referred to as soot, which is not in the team's color palette.

The new dimensions certainly should benefit Mets power hitters such as Wright, Ike Davisand Jason Bay, although Alderson insisted the changes were not designed for any particular player. "I don't want to give you the impression we've done this for David, or we've done this for Ike, or we've done this for anybody in particular," Alderson said. "It's really about having a more neutral ballpark -- and maybe even to some extent, given that I think offense is exciting for many fans, maybe it'll be slightly more entertaining."