Taste NY sales increased to a record $16.1 million last year.

Governor Andrew Cuomo says total sales of New York products from Taste NY stores, cafés, bars, concessions and events topped 2016's sales totals by $3 million.

The Taste NY initiative was launched in 2013 to promote New York products.

"Taste NY has put local products on the map, boosting tourism, helping local craft breweries, wineries, distilleries and cideries grow, and increasing opportunities for producers in every corner of this great state," Cuomo said. "By connecting consumers across the globe with fresh, locally-grown products, Taste NY continues to support the growth of farms and small businesses across New York."

In the past year, Taste NY made products available at 13 new locations

A complete list of Taste NY locations can be found at www.taste.ny.gov.

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