Get ready for a foot stomping, grape time at the "Great New York Grape Stomp" coming to Utica this September.

We've watched people grape stomp on the Travel Channel before, and we were intrigued to say the least. There was part of us that said: "Eww, that's gross!"  But the little kid in us exclaimed: "This looks like so much fun!'  This time we're going to side with the child inside and go barefoot at the "Great New York Grape Stomp" September 17th and 18th in Utica.

It’s one of the coolest events at The Mohawk Valley Wine Festival. Essentially it is a competition to see what team can stomp the most grapes. Broken down into teams of 4 individuals you and your team will have to stomp grapes in a 3 minute heat. The object is to produce the most juice from the stomp. The strategy is all yours.

It's never too early to start recruiting team members to participate in this fun and messy event. If you're not afraid to get your feet a little purple, we think you'll enjoy some good old fashioned grape mashing.

Mohawk Valley Winery is sponsoring the event and winners will win a year's supply of wine. You can get more details by clicking HERE.

Here's a Vino Video to get you stoked!

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