Nothing new for the Mets this season as on Sunday the NL East First Place team had another game rained out.  They will pay for it later with the ridiculous amount of doubleheaders on their schedule, but yesterday it may of helped a little.  That's because they had to travel to Arizona and I am assuming they left earlier than they would have if they had played the Sunday Night Game at Citi Field.  Since the Mets game was rained out, I had a little time to take a deeper dive into their next opponent.

Nothing really stood out about the 19 and 35 Diamondbacks until I got to the bottom of the order.  I stumbled upon the name Tim Locastro.  Sounded familiar but with my memory these days, I am surprised I can remember that Peppermint Pete Nemcheck's favorite cologne is Precious Peppermint.  Locastro is from the Syracuse area and went to Auburn High School.  Not only is Locastro a Central New York Native he stayed in the area to play college baseball.  He thrived at Ithaca College where he was named 2013 Empire 8 player of the Year.

While Locastro has been a part of the Blue Jays and Yankees organizations, his major league baseball experience has been with the Dodgers and currently Arizona.  While Locastro's overall offensive stats may not have the wow factor, the Ithaca College Alum has a major league record attached to his name.  The Syracuse native has the most stolen bases to begin a major league career without being caught (29-for-29).  Let's Go Mets but if anyone has a good game for the Diamondbacks, I hope it's Central New Yorker Tim Locastro.

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