Anglers and fishermen statewide will love this new feature made specifically for them.

The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation has officially updated their very own HuntFishNY app. Part of this update included adding a new feature to the app called "The Tackle Box". This newest addition will make fishing in New York State even more enjoyable than before.

Natali Garyachaya

"The Tackle Box" allows anglers to have instant access to all sorts of helpful information before hitting the water. You'll find everything from fishing regulations to access locations, all at the palm of your hand. The map-based interface also makes the app even more easy to use.

Other cool and creative features include...

  • Pan and zoom options to find a water; OR search by name!
  • Driving directions to all state-owned boating/fishing access sites.
  • Option to go offline when there's no cell service.
Fly Fishing

With cool features like these, why wouldn't you take advantage of this amazing tool? It is just one of many ways that New York continues to make fishing in the state even more enjoyable for avid anglers year-round.

The DEC's HuntFishNY app is completely free to use. You can find it on the Apple App store and Google Play. It's accessible to all phones or tablet devices.


Get more information on the the app by downloading it for yourself or visiting the DEC's website today.

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