One of the biggest improvements made to the Bagg's Square area of Downtown Utica was the addition of 'The Tailor & The Cook' restaurant. Now they're getting national attention.

Famous for its farm to table concept, this local favorite has been serving delicious cuisine to Central New Yorkers since it opened in February 2012.

Now, the downtown hot spot has received national recognition in the form of a big award. The Tailor & the Cook restaurant has been honored by The Distinguished Restaurants of North America. They have received The DiRōNA Achievement of Distinction. This award which has been given to less than 700 restaurants across North America. It is one of the most prestigious honors given for the fine dining and the Hospitality industry.

Executive Chef Tim Hardiman and Chris Talgo are the owners and opened their doors with a specific vision. On their website they talk about what went into the creation of this idea. It states,

Our name, The Tailor & The Cook, is an homage to the history of our beautiful building at 94 Genesee Steet in Utica. Since the birth of the city, this address has been home to a number of thriving businesses including the UTK Tailoring Company, from 1910 until the 1940s. We’re honored to be writing the next chapter in the story of this location.

Hardiman says, "I am so proud of all my staff and management for all their hard work to get us to where we are today.  It’s also a testament to our community and the following we have developed in our mission to support local farms and producers." He goes on to say that not only is this award good for his business, it's important for the Central New York region as a whole. He looks forward to more businesses like his opening up to continue the crucial revitalization of Downtown Utica.

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