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Mohawk Valley residents let your voice be heard!

WIBX 950 and John Zogby Strategies have formed an exclusive partnership to gather your thoughts and opinions on the most important issues facing the Mohawk Valley and identify with whom they stand. From the proposed downtown hospital in Utica to the Herkimer County Jail and local election races, here's your chance to let us know where you stand.

Take just a few minutes to answer the survey to tell us your thoughts, and identify your neo-tribe.

Going beyond your basic demographics

What is a neo-tribe and why does it matter?

John Zogby Strategies explains:

We in the research and analytics industries have known for years that demographic cohorts do not allow us to drill down deep enough to really understand what motivates people. The Zogbys have pioneered a new technique called Tribal AnalyticsSM that allows us to capture the very soul of individuals and cohorts by allowing them to identify their own tribes and attributes.

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