Planning on moving to the Empire State? Looking to find the perfect place to plant your roots, rent or buy, and raise your family?

Well, as it turns out, the state of New York might be one of the safest places to move to in 2022.

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As reported in a story published by ABC News 10, the organization CCTV Camera World ranked the 100 safest cities and towns in the United States. While 16 New York cities and towns made the list, a whopping ten of them were located in the top 25.

The areas in question are spread all around the state. Some of them are located out in Western and Northern New York, near Buffalo, Syracuse and the Canada border. Others are slightly south of the Capital Region, closer to New York City.

In every case, these cities and towns have lower crime rates than anywhere else in the country, and here are the towns that made the list.

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