John Sterling is a "legend of the booth" in sports broadcasting, but he won't be able to call games for the New York Yankees forever.

Now 84 years old, Sterling has taken a reduced role on the Yankees' radio broadcasts, working only a portion of the team's road games due to an admitted disinterest in traveling with the team.

With the understanding that Sterling's years behind the microphone may be coming to a close, the team began looking for a successor. A new favorite appears to have emerged.

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NY Islanders' TV Voice Emerges as Favorite to Replace John Sterling

As reported by sports media columnist Andrew Marchand in The New York Post, New York Islanders' play-by-play broadcaster Brendan Burke has emerged as the favorite to eventually replace John Sterling as the radio voice of the New York Yankees.

Burke was brought in as one of the fill-in broadcasters for Sterling earlier this season, spending two series with the team when they visited Cleveland and Pittsburgh in early July. His performance on the broadcast was largely lauded by fans, which shouldn't be a surprise, considering Burke is one of the most successful broadcasters in the country at his age.

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In the New York Post article, Marchand continues that there have yet to be any contract negotiations between Burke and the team, and that the timeline for him joining the broadcast is still relatively unclear. While John Sterling has worked decreasing amounts of games in recent years, he is still on-the-record as being committed to broadcasting games for years to come.

Admittedly, I would be jealous of every New York Yankees' fan if Brendan Burke did ultimately get this job. As a hockey fan, it doesn't get any better than listening to him broadcast a game for the Islanders or nationally on TNT. That said, Burke grew up around the Yankees and their broadcasters, as his father worked in New York sports media, so these rumors make a lot of sense to me.

When you're a franchise as big as New York, you get the luxury of hiring the best in the business to represent you. Bringing Brendan Burke in as the next voice of the New York Yankees seems to be a no-brainer to me.

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