While the French bulldog was named America's most popular dog breed for a second year in a row, do you know what dog New Yorkers favor most?

According to a surprising new survey from Forbes, it's not the pit bull or any of the toy breeds.

America's Top Dogs


It's currently estimated that 69 million households in the continental U.S. have a dog. Here in the Empire State, Pawlicy Advisor estimates roughly 49.7 million households have a furry, feathery, or scaley friend. Over a quarter of those households, about 27 percent, have a dog.

If you ever wondered what New York's most and least favorite dog breed is, Forbes has you covered. The outlet polled 10,000 dog owners across the country to determine what breeds are top dog and which need a bit of PR.

Unfortunately, the data only pertained to the top 25 most popular dog breeds in the country, per the American Kennel Club. As a collie owner, this tells me the data might be a little inaccurate since so many breeds were left off this list.

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For example, collies are 39th on the AKC's popularity list while other well-known breeds like pugs, border collies, cocker spaniels, shelties, Belgian Malinois and chihuahuas are also ranked under 25th place.

So if you find yourself disagreeing with how New York voted, feel free to disregard this entire survey.

New York's Favorite Breed


While breeds like German Shepherds, labradors, Bernese mountain dogs and golden retrievers tend to be among America's favorite, New York felt the breed known for their wiggly butts was top dog in the state.

With 9 other states in agreement, the Australian shepherds (or simply Aussies) were the pick of the litter. The medium-sized dog is known for its high energy levels, intelligence, herding capabilities and, of course, their wigglebutts.

That may be due to the fact Aussies don't have tails, so they shake their rear end to show off how happy they are.

Aussies were also the #1 breed in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, Montana, and Virginia - making them the 2nd most popular breed in the country.

The only breed to outclass them was the German Shepherd, which was the #1 pick of 16 states.

Respectively rounding out the top 5 was the labrador, Bernese mountain dog, and bulldog.

Least Favorite Breeds

Getty Images
Getty Images

While some dogs earned all the love, some found themselves at the bottom of the popularity poll. Big apologies to the Havanese, which was selected as the favorite breed for 33 states.

Corgis, surprisingly, were America's second-least favorite dog with 17 states putting them dead last in the popularity poll.

Rounding out the bottom five, respectively, were the German shorthaired pointer, mini schnauzer and the Great Dane.

Why Americans Voted the Way They Did

Courtesy Megan
Courtesy Megan/TSM

Much like I would vote collies as the best breed around, Americans said they picked their favorites because they own them. About 52 percent of respondents said they picked their favored breeds because they owned or had owned one.

The second-biggest reason on selecting a preferred dog was based on a belief that it would make a good companion while cute looks came in as a third reason.

Some other contributing factors that went into the decision making was that 37 percent picked a breed based on its ability to protect while 34 percent chose a breed because a friend or family member owned one.

What breed is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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