A frustrated sports fan, WIBX 950's Jeff Monaski is growing more and more concerned that we won't see any baseball this summer or fall.

Attention baseball fans: Get ready for some playoff hockey and basketball!

I hope I'm wrong but it's not looking all that promising for a pandemic-shortened MLB baseball season.

After the owners and MLBPA have kicked back the opposite side's proposal for seasons of 82-games, 114-games and 50-games, we enter the first weekend in June with it appearing as though the end result will be ZERO-games, a.k.a - no baseball this summer or fall.

I had heard some chatter among the experts on ESPN and varous Sports Talk radio shows that both sides were posturing in mid- and late-May. Each side would 'act' as though they didn't need to budge, weren't willing to give in. But, the experts said, by the last week of May, maybe the first week of June, a deal would be hashed out and we'd be ready for start of an abbreviated baseball season to start right around July 4.

Ah, yes! The return of America's pasttime, just as the country celebrates her birthday. Kinda fitting, right?


Look, I'll save the blaming and shaming for the insiders who know 'the real story.'

And, in the above headlines I mentioned both players and owners. I don't really care who's fault it is, I'd just like to enjoy some feakin' Major League Baseball.

And, again to the headline, '...something isn't better than nothing.'

We all know revenue is going to be WAY down. No fans in the stands, fewer games, etc.

But to both sides: Isn't there revenue to be made from TV contracts? Merchandise? The games you actually do play?

To owners : TV ratings for games that fans can't go to, in a world that is starving for LIVE sports would be HUGE, right?

To players : You're telling me that getting paid no money for no games is better for you financially than some pay for some money?

Really? Not a financial guru here, but I call BS on that.

I referred to baseball earlier as America's pasttime. Let's be honest, though. It used to be. It really isn't anymore. And this crap doesn't help.

These type-of 'chicken' stunts (who will blink first) only add more nails into the coffin.

I know, I know...the risks. There are just dozens and dozens, maybe thousands, of professional athletes who are dying from coronavirus right?

....Ummm, no.

The NBA and NHL are on the brink of finalizing plans to wrap their regular seasons and enter their playoff tournaments. I don't wanna hear the baseball guys are afraid to get sick!

So, for baseball, it's seriously looking like they will have absolutely nothing to offer fans this year.

I hope our starved sports-nation falls in love, or further in love, with the NBA and NHL postseasons.

And, while I seriously doubt this will happen, I hope baseball players and owners get financially crushed by this. Again, I doubt it. But, I'll be wishing for it.

Heck, until the NBA and NHL playoffs start, my evenings are open and I don't really have all that much else to do anyway!



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