Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente began his daily press briefing on COVID-19 as he usually does, breaking down the numbers.

The total number of new cases has increased by 10 to 105. The breakdown of the numbers continued as such,

Number in mandatory quarantine: 308
Number in precautionary quarantine: 332
Number hospitalized in Oneida County: 14
Number hospitalized outside the county: 1
Number of deaths 2
Number of recoveries 19
Number of negative tests: 653

In total 924 people have been tested and 206 of them are still waiting for test results. Picente says, "despite what some sites are saying, people are being tested." 28 people are awaiting test results inside area hospitals.

Picente continued to show his frustration with local businesses not in compliance with state regulations on "non-essential gatherings." He announced on Monday that the Oneida County Sheriff's Office has established a special detail to investigate complaints against those businesses allegedly not in compliance. There have not been any formal warnings giving yet, but as Picente said, "we're starting to."

Penalties for those in violation include a possible fine of $500-$1,000 and the possibility of revocation of operating licenses including liquor licenses.

Picente also implemented a new policy for essential visitors to Oneida County buildings. If you have any need to go into a county owned and operated building you will be asked to wear a mask when you arrive. If you don't bring one you will be provided with one and asked to wear it. Picente acknowledged that he's starting to see more and more people wearing masks out and about.

Picente continued to urge people to support local businesses, continue to use good hygiene practices and social distancing guidelines and as always to leave the light on.

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