Apparently too many people requested it and that's why it's finally coming, for one night only, to Central New York.


Every Thursday, the Polish Community Club in Utica offers delicious Polish dinners. Normally, platters include pierogi, kapusta, gołąbki (stuffed cabbage), and kielbasa.

However, one too many individuals must have asked them, "But what if we put them all together sandwich style?"

That is why the masterminds in the PCC's kitchen decided to give it the good ol' Polish try and try something completely different. They've taken something that is quintessentially American and gave it a Polish twist.

Courtesy of the Polish Community Club in Utica
Courtesy of the Polish Community Club in Utica

Starting Thursday, February 22, the community can feast upon pierogi kielbasa sliders. Basically, they throw a tasty cut to keilbasa between two pan-fried pierogies. Chances are you can request the type of pierogi, but it's likely the potato and cheese variety will be used.

Seems the sliders also come in a pack of threes, based on photos, and they will even have a complimentary pickle thrown in for good measure. Condiments most likely include ketchup, mustard, and maybe even mayo and a slice of cheese.

The slider platter will be sold for $12, and an additional $2 will be tacked on for those who wish to add kapusta (braised sauerkraut) or peppers and onions.

These treats will be sold between 4pm and 8pm Thursday night, so grab them while they're there. If not enough people give them a shot, they might become a thing of the past.

Those interested can visit the PCC's website and check out their menu to see what other delectable treats you can add to your order.

Friday Night at the Club

Courtesy Polish Community Club Utica on Facebook
Courtesy Polish Community Club Utica on Facebook

For all you practicing Roman Catholics, the Polish Community Club also have your meatless Fridays covered during Lent.

Every Friday, the chefs there will whip up an array of platters that will make any pescetarian sing.

We serve Fish dinners, Shrimp dinners, Scallop dinners, and Fisherman's Platters.

Of course, for those who don't want anything from the sea can also grab a dozen pierogi that are either potato and cheese, or cabbage. The club also sells blueberry or sweet cheese pierogi.

I'll just say my family came from the part of Poland who never dared put sugar in their pierogi. But if the chefs there would be open to making some farmer cheese pierogi without the added sweetness, just know this WIBX broadcaster would be very happy to get a taste of home and give them all the money.

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