Turkey hunting will soon be permitted around New York State. Before you grab your gun and head out, there are some rules you need to know. New York divides the season into three different sessions for each part of the state. Hunters in each of the three regions will have two weeks.

The northern region of the state will have the first session from October 1 through 14, 2022. Most of the rest of the regions in the state will take the second session from October 14 through 28. The final session will go to the Long Island area from November 19 through December 2. Turkey hunting is closed in the New York City region.

There are bag limits for each hunter - one bird of either sex. Hunting is permitted from sunrise to sunset. Keep in mind, as the season progresses, sunset will get earlier and earlier.


Rules And Regulations For Hunting Turkeys In New York State

- In order to hunt turkeys, you must have a permit and a hunting license issued by the state.

- Once you have filled your bag limit, you can call turkeys for another hunter, but you cannot use your firearm or bow and arrow.

- You can hunt with a dog during this season.

- You must fill out the appropriate carcass tag for the bird you take.

If you have taken a turkey which is unfit for consumption, authorized DEC staff may issue a special permit to take another. You will have to surrender the carcass.

You find all the info on turkey hunting in New York State here.

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