Two questions regarding an openly gay man in America's most popular sport were answered almost simultaneously this weekend.

1. Will Michael Sam, the first openly gay, active football player be drafted by an NFL team?

2. How will the sports world handle that person's first public display of affection?

Reaction for 'The Kiss' between Sam and his boyfriend spanned the spectrum. Some find it disgusting and appalling to see two men kiss, others thought it was the natural reaction any couple would have and were unphased by it.

Regardless of how you felt, it was a major topic of conversation among sports fans on Sunday, especially on social media. It seems though, that for the most part, the twitter-verse was extremely supportive:

In another Twitter angle to this story, Miami Dolphins defensive back Don Jones tweeted 'OMG' and 'horrible' after watching the televised kiss. He has apologized since, but was also fined by the team and will have to undergo 'educational training' before he can return.

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