These two are just racking up the charges, aren't they? New York State police say they busted two men Friday who had a whole plethora of illegal goods in their truck, including one of two ATVs that were reportedly stolen in the area. Did we also mention that the truck they were in was also reportedly stolen, so we really shouldn't refer to it as 'their truck'. Luckily, law enforcement was able to put an end to this crime spree which kind of sounds like something out of Dumb and Dumber.

Police say they found the two men in a Chevrolet truck after being called to reports of a trespassing Friday morning in Genoa. Officials say they found an ATV in the bed of the truck, with another ATV stored in a trailer that was sitting on the property. But that wasn't it. Upon investigation, authorities found multiple long guns and over two and a half grams of methamphetamine in the truck.

But that still wasn't all. says that police figured out that the truck had been stolen from a landscaping company in Syracuse Wednesday. The owner of one of the ATVs said the vehicle had been stolen during a burglary in the town of Lansing, NY. Police are  looking for answers where the ATV that was in the bed of the truck came from. Both are now facing multiple charges, with more charges pending.

Back in June 2021, one New York atte man tried hiding a stolen truck by spray painting it. His trip from Florida to New York in March that year ended up costing him dearly. Police say the 25-year-old man rented the U-Haul to drive to New York, but then never returned it. Apparently, this man had a master plan though to prevent getting caught. Officials say he spray painted the truck all black. Duh.

If you've ever seen a poorly spray painted vehicle it's quite a sight. says the Bossvale, NY man had been hiding the creepy looking painted truck, in an attempt to elude authorities. But his luck ended when the truck was discovered by police in Vienna, NY during a burglary investigation. Police say that upon discovery, the man had also removed the U-Haul's catalytic converter at some point. Catalytic converter thefts have skyrocketed in recent times, as the stolen parts can be resold on the black market for big bucks.

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