Utica College Professor Luke Perry is not in the business of predicting political races. But, one thing he can say about the race between Congressman Anthony Brindisi and former Representative Claudia Tenney is - the race seems very close. Still, Perry gives the incumbent a slight advantage in the race.

Perry was on the Keeler Show this week discussing the race for NY-22 as well as the deluge of television commercials that are already consuming the airways.

Perry started out discussing the strategy of the Trump campaign to reposition Biden as someone who is senile and unfit for the office of the Presidency. "That certainly is the messaging strategy for the Trump campaign," said Perry. "and I think it's going to continue in the months to come."

In the race for NY-22, the television airwaves are being saturated by commercials for the local congressional race. Perry noted that more money was spent on the Brindisi - Tenney race back in 2016, than in any other congressional race in the country. So far, it looks like the same push on this district is back for another round in 2020, according to Perry.

Perry also discussed the fact that the 22nd congressional district could be eliminated in 2022, depending on what happens with the current census. He also said that a great deal depends on who wins the race in the district and who wins the presidential race.

Listen to the full interview with Perry below.


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