Wow, what to heck happened in Albany? Did you see the flash flooding? Check out these pics and tweets from those who witnessed it.

Severe thunderstorms that apparently contained heavy downpours created some severe flash flooding in the Capital Region yesterday.

The Times Union reports Albany and Rensselaer counties were hit hard by high winds and thunderstorms that dumped as much as two inches of rain within a 30-minute period, causing flash flooding in the city of Albany and downed trees and thousands of power outages in Troy and other parts of Rensselaer County.

The National Weather Service in Albany called for slow-moving thunderstorms that could produce torrential rain in some areas, leading to possible flash flooding. Well, it did. Look at these photos and tweets.

This Tweet by Two Buttons Deep has gone viral. It's amazing footage of the flash flood. You can see cars, trucks, even a school bus driving right into it. WOW. This is the footage that most of the TV stations used to report on the storm.

This guy is the founder of Walkable Albany, and he calls it as he sees it.

Wow, it's amazing that all this water is gone today.

What would you do if you were caught driving in this? Talk about ponding in the roadways.

We're no stranger to flooding. Who remembers the Halloween Flood 2019? Flooding from creeks and rivers not only closed roads but washed them away. Parking lots became lakes. Homes lost roofs and ceilings. Hundreds are left without power, and high winds could cause even more power outages throughout Central New York. The Red Cross opened shelters, and remember the Central New York man who pulled three drivers out of floodwaters in his underwear?

Photo Credit - TAS Electronics
Photo Credit - TAS Electronics

Flooding in CNY

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