It's amazing how getting one little letter mixed up can make a world of difference—and make millions of men cringe.

If you happened to be perusing the sports section of Wednesday's Evansville Courier & Press (the paper kind, not the website), you may have noticed a headline regarding news around the NBA that conveyed the idea the Miami Heat suffered a rather unfortunate accident rather than winning a playoff game.

You see, it should have read, "Heat cut NETS," as in the Brooklyn Nets, the opponent the Heat vanquished in Game 1 of their second-round playoff matchup. Instead, it appears LeBron James and Co. may have tried to give themselves some major surgery on a rather sensitive part of the male anatomy.

Is it an unfortunate oversight? Yes. Is it one that will garner them some attention for a short time? Yes. It already has. However, in the grand scheme of things, let's not forget the thousands of words they got right not only in today's edition, but in all the previous editions they've run.

Credit goes to Ryan Reynolds and the rest of the crew at the Courier & Press for not being afraid to have a little fun at their own expense:

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