For the second time this week, Utica Police say they took an illegal firearm off the streets while making a motor vehicle stop.

Officer say as they were pulling a vehicle over on Mohawk Street near Sherman Drive, the passenger jumped out and began running. After catching up with the man who fled, 22-year-old Donte Harris of Utica, they began to ''backtrack the area of the pursuit'' and located a loaded .380 caliber handgun, officers said. Harris has been charged criminal possession of a weapon and criminal possession of a firearm, obstructing governmental administration and New York State Vehicle and Traffic violations.

Meanwhile, police say the driver, 37-year-old Phillip Williams, also of Utica, had an outstanding warrant for a criminal mischief charge. He was taken into custody and faces vehicle and traffic violations.

Utica Police officers on the GIVE (Gun Involved Violence Enforcement) Strike Team members were working in conjunction with Oneida County Sheriff's Deputies during the stop.

Earlier this week, the UPD's GIVE Strike Team said it confiscated a loaded .40 caliber gun while conducting a traffic stop in the city.

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