Jack the Cat is now safe thanks to the folks at Mohawk Valley Tree Specialists.

The cat, who was stuck more than fifty feet high in a tree, was rescued after his owners called WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning.  They were fearful that the cat was growing increasingly weak and no one could help them rescue the cat because of the challenges presented by the area around the tree.

Producer Andrew Derminio went to the location and confirmed that the cat's meows sounded faint and, after attempting to coax the cat down from the tree, assisted Luke from Mohawk Valley Tree Specialists who arrived to help.

Luke said that Jack initially climbed higher when he approached, despite the fact that he tried to lure the cat closer with tuna.   Luke eventually got him and, although Luke was scratched slightly, Jack was safely delivered to the arms of his owners.

Luke says this is his seventh "feline fetching" and he is starting to become somewhat of an expert.  He said he is just happy that there was a happy ending.

Below is the video and photos after Jack was rescued:

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