Jack, the sheltie who had bitten his owner's granddaughter, is being released to new owners.

The original incident occurred in March 2013 and Jack's owner, Natalie Beratta, has been asking the public to help her plead with authorities to release Jack, whom she says did not intend to hurt her granddaughter.

No one, except Jack and the toddler, knows exactly what happened, but it is believed that the little girl tripped over the dog and the dog reacted by snapping at her.  The dog was taken into custody and scheduled to be euthanized.  The owners appealed and, after several months, a new home has been found for Jack.

According to the "Help Us Save Jack" Facebook page, Jack's new custodians are the owners of his father, brother, and sister.  Jack is expected to be picked up this week.  The tab for his detention at the Stevens-Swan Humane Society, where Jack has been staying while his owners appealed his case, is more than two thousand dollars.

Although Beratta and her family, including the little girl, can now visit Jack.  Jack has a problem with his hips and has Lyme Disease and can be sensitive to pressure at times.  That, some say, is what may have led to the dog nipping Beratta's granddaughter in the first place.  It was "made clear," that if Jack bit anyone again, despite his health problems, he would be immediately be put down.

A note on the Facebook page reads as follows:

"Help Save Jack" Facebook page

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