Musician Max Scialdone was on the radio promoting his new single and music video, "80's Songs" on Friday morning and the song is a light hearted and nostalgic, uplifting romance tune with a bit of a reggae flare. Meanwhile, the music video will make you want to get to the beach and the lake before the summer officially expires.

Here's a sample of the lyrics....

80's Songs by Max Scialdone

Verse 1
We were listening to 80s songs. Reminiscing as we sang along.
Tainted Love, the promise come undone. We knew the words to every single one.

I could hear those words, Every single day. Each one I heard, takes my breath away.

Verse 2
I didn't know these songs before you came. Now I know every single one by name.
You are here and everything has changed. Wondering if I'll ever be the same.


This is Max's take on the new song.

"New stuff today! A lot of sad things have been happening lately. I had scheduled to have this out by today. I wasn’t sure if I was going to put it out yet but I’m going to. I’m sure we all could use some good vibes. Thank you very very much who have shown interest in this new venture I am on. That’s pretty cool. Like I said before it’s definitely something completely new and different but I had an absolute blast making it. Recorded mostly in my home! It was just a fun thing to try and I’m so glad I did. Matt Ossowski KILLED this video! Matt you’re my dude. Thanks for doing a great job as always. Matt said to me while we were shooting the video…”This is your hit dude”. I don’t know about that but I dig it for sure." -Facebook

I have to agree with Matt Ossowski. We were talking about this topic the other day on the air. Do you remember the first time you heard a big hit? If you think back, it's almost always the case that you connect with the song immediately. There's some sort of a magical moment right off the bat. Sure, there are those hits that will grow on you, but great songs often times click immediately. I feel this is one of those songs that on the first spin, you feel like "80s Songs" is one that you'll be playing over and over.

Check out Max's performance unplugged. And then below it, listen to the produced version and watch the awesome video produced by Matt Ossowski.

"I hope you like the new style and the new music.  Hope maybe if you’re feeling down that this might have helped bring you back up a little bit. This song is my original music. Here is “80’s Songs”   Thank you so much for listening and have a great week!" - Max Scialdone on Facebook

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