A man hatched an evil plan to hopefully identify the person flinging bottles of pee all over the place. Unfortunately, he caused a town-wide controversy.

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A small town in Connecticut is dealing with an abnormal problem: someone is peeing into water bottles and leaving them all over the roads.

A Killingworth resident, named Terry, decided he had enough and decided to whip up some drama on his town's private Facebook group, Killingworth Stompin' Ground, by claiming he tested the urine in the bottle and came across some alarming results.

He also helpfully included a photo of one of those mysterious pee bottles and a copy of the alleged test results.

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The post begins...

"PSA - I need help notifing an individual in town. I know that this person travels on Reservoir Road frequently. We (myself and colleagues) have collected his/her bottles of urine and ran urinanalysis."


"URGENT - Medical issue must be addressed.


Any information on the person throwing bottles of urine out their window as they drive down Reservoir Road is appreciated. 14 bottles on Monday. This person needs to be notified of an issue they have!!!"

According to the blurry test results photo, which Terry ripped from Google, the urine contained elevated levels of bacteria.

The post took off and succeeded in getting people talking about the disgusting issue... so much so that Terry came clean about his intentions and wrote:

"Hey friends, this post is a joke, sorta. My street is littered with these pee bottles. This person does have a “problem”, not seen in the google image of a urinalysis… the person’s problem is that they don’t use a bathroom."

The pee-pitching bandit has yet to be unmasked, but people have raised some interesting theories.

The suspect so far...

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The majority believe the bottles are coming from an overworked Amazon driver who can't afford to take proper potty breaks.

According to various testimonials on Reddit and even a Forbes article, Amazon drivers don't have the luxury to go to an actual restroom when they have to go, because their extremely tight schedules simply won't allow it.

So, they will instead relieve themselves into empty water bottles because they don't have time to find a bathroom.

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The drivers then have to figure out what to do with these stinky bottles, with the two options being: keep them in their vehicle until they can throw them in the trash OR chuck them out the window and make them someone else's problem.

Some choose the latter because, honestly, who is comfortable driving around with bottles full of pee sloshing around their vehicle? Also, they run the risk of someone catching them disposing pee-filled bottles into a trash can.

That said, if you're a delivery driver and guilty of throwing your urine-filled water bottles out the window, think about what happened in Killingworth.

Someone just might turn you into a news story.

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