New York is only one of 13 states to have an official state dog, can you guess what breed it is?

New York has a variety of plants, insects, minerals, and animals that symbolize the Empire State.

The bluebird is the official bird of New York, while the rose is the official state plant. New York even has an official mineral, the garnet, according to the Department of Environmental Conservation.

While New York has settled on the beaver to represent the state's official animal, there is another mammal that was recently appointed to symbolically represent the Empire State on a national level.

New York 1 of 13 States with a State Dog


If you could pick what dog best represents our state, chances are the answers would be all over the place. There's so many breeds to choose from that come in all shapes, colors, and sizes.

But in 2015, New York did settle upon the perfect pooch to serve as the state's official dog.

The New York State Senate voted in 2015 to make working dogs the official dog of the state. The honor applies to service animals, guide dogs, war dogs, K-9 units, therapy dogs, search and rescue dogs, and any other canine that works to improve quality of life.

This designation also applies to farm dogs that are trained to herd or protect livestock. Canines that are also used to control bird operations are also considered to be a state dog.

Other State Dogs

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While New York selected a class of dog to represent us on a national level, all but one other states chose a particular breed. Georgia chose adoptable dogs as its official state dog in 2016.

All other states settled for a particular breed. Alaska, unsurprisingly, settled on the Alaskan Malamute while Maryland opted for the Chesapeake Bay retriever. Similarly, Massachusetts chose the Boston terrier as its state dog.

Here's the complete list of states with a state dog, per People magazine:

  • Alaska - Alaskan Malamute
  • Georgia - Adoptable Dog
  • Louisiana - Catahoula Leopard Dog
  • Maryland - Chesapeake Bay Retriever
  • Massachusetts - Boston Terrier
  • New Hampshire - Chinook
  • New York - Working Dogs
  • North Carolina - Plott Hound
  • Pennsylvania - Great Dane
  • South Carolina - Boykin Spaniel
  • Texas - Blue Lacy
  • Virginia - American Foxhound
  • Wisconsin - American Water Spaniel

All Creatures and Plants That Represent NYS

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According to the DEC, New York is represented by a state reptile as well as both a state fresh and saltwater fish.

The Eastern bluebird has symbolized New York since 1970. The reason why the native species was chosen because it symbolizes hope and beauty.

New York also picked the beaver as its state animal because that is the animal that "opened New York to colonization" from French, British, and Dutch explorers.

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New York is represented by two state fish, the brook trout as the official freshwater fish of the state while the striped bass represents as the state saltwater fish. On the subject of fish, the eurypterid became the official state fossil in 1984.

New York is also one of a handful of states with an official shell, which is the bay scallop that is most commonly found along Long Island Sound.

The snapping turtle is the official state reptile of New York while the Ladybug is the official state bug.

When it comes to plants and rocks, the Sugar Maple is the official state tree because of its role in producing maple syrup and vibrant colors it displays during the fall foliage season.

The rose is the official state flower while garnet is the official mineral of New York State.


While New York has chosen an official state dog, here are some breeds I think perfectly represent several cities and towns in Central New York.

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Gallery Credit: Megan

If you could pick something to represent the state of New York, what would it be? Sound off in the comments below.

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