Have you been paying attention to Utica College's Men's Hockey team lately? Not only did they have a killer season, but they completely embarrassed their last opponent on Tuesday.

Utica College Pioneer Men's Hockey via Facebook
Utica College Pioneer Men's Hockey via Facebook

The United Collegiate Hockey Conference has kicked off their yearly tournament to see who is the top team in the conference. Teams who win the tournament not only get bragging rights, but they automatically secure a spot in the NCAA Division III Tournament.

On Tuesday, Utica College, now changed to Utica University, played host to Lebanon Valley. Utica had already played Lebanon twice this season, winning 9-0 in November and 7-0 in January. This time Utica decided to leave nothing left on the table.

The Pioneers came out hot, scoring 4 goals in the first period alone. Lebanon Valley was able to put one goal in the net, making the score 4-1. After that it was all Utica, scoring 7 more unanswered goals in the 2nd period. Both teams ran out the clock in the 3rd period, ending the game 11-1.

With the win, one player actually achieved an accomplishment of his own. Justin Allen is now the program's all-time leading scorer for a defender.

Utica is now off to the semifinals. Their next opponent is yet to be announced, but they will play at the Adirondack Bank Center on Saturday, February 26th at 7pm.

Stay updated on their schedule by visiting their website or following them on Facebook.

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