A housing project proposed by the Kelberman Center for a South Utica neighborhood is now in jeopardy.

The city's planning board approved the project earlier this year despite objections from a group of residents who live near the proposed Sunset Ave. housing development, which is Utica's old Sunset School. After the residents argued that the 60-unit development was too large for their neighborhood, Councilwoman Samantha Colosimo Testa says the group recently uncovered a flaw in the process that may stop it.

Listen to Samantha Colosimo's Testa's full interview from Monday's show:

Joining Keeler in the Morning on Tuesday, Councilman Joe Marino explained that there are very few properties in the city that are zoned 'Planned Development Extraordinaire' - which allows for a wide range of possible uses. When they are, he says, the council must give approval to the project.

However, the project was never presented to the common council.

''I think [Rob Palmieri] told Brian Thomas (Commissioner of Urban and Economic Development) you better get it done - I need this done. And, Brian Thomas ignored and neglected that rule on purpose because he wanted to get it done for his boss,'' Marino told Keeler.

Marino, who is also running against Rob Palmieri in the fall's mayoral race, believes the Kelberman Center project must now go back to square one.

''Everyone has to follow the rules. Since they didn't, they have to start from scratch. They have to start over,'' Marino said.

A special meeting to discuss the issue is planned for 4:30 this afternoon at city hall.

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