With the 37th Boilermaker Road Race in the books, Utica 4th ward Councilman Joe Marino is proposing one more piece of legislation to help make next year's race go more smoothly.

Marino says during this year's race, the ongoing construction along the Parkway was an eyesore and potentially dangerous obstacle to the thousands of runners who came to Utica specifically for the Boilermaker.

"We need to put our best face forward in this particular weekend," Marino said. "So I'm going to suggest a moratorium on starting any major construction projects along that route so we don't have an obstacle course where a race course should be."

The legislation -which passed unanimously -no longer allows any construction to begin along the Boilermaker route within one week of the race.

He added that there are exceptions, like water main breaks and other major occurrences, but the 'unsafe eyesore' along the Parkway should never have happened.