The City of Utica has received the results of the Civil Service Exams for the position of Fire Chief and Assistant Fire Chief in the Utica Fire Department.

The Utica Municipal Civil Service Commission held a meeting on Thursday to establish a list of candidates.

There are three eligible candidates for the Utica Fire Chief position and five for Assistant Fire Chief.

The City will notify the candidates of their placement on the list and the list will be made available to the public on Tuesday May 28th.

Utica Fire Chief James Barefoot and former Assistant Chief Francis Manfredo will help Mayor Robert Palmieri select a new Chief and Assistant Chief.

The Mayor stressed three characteristics he wants to see in the next chief: Integrity, Accountable and Competence.

"We're satisfied with the candidates we have and I think we'll get a good leader for the future of the City," Palmieri said. "We want someone that will hold themselves and the members of the department to the highest of standards."

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