The creator of the famous dish Utica Greens Morelle, who has received all sorts of national notoriety as of late, is about to add another chapter to his life story.  That of cancer survivor.

Recently, Morelle was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer and he's currently receiving treatment at a hospital in Syracuse. "I'm going to beat this," said Morelle, who has cooked his style of Utica Italian food for more 40 years at various restaurants throughout the Utica area.

Like in so many cases, cancer treatment causes a great deal of financial burden on a family and that's certainly the case with Joe's family. "I'm very private and I was very uncomfortable with having a benefit. But I know this is tough on my family," he said.  "But then a friend of mine said just think of how many times you've made a tray of greens or Chicken Riggies for someone else's benefit. That number is definitely in the hundreds, maybe even thousands," he added. So, Joe finally agreed to let his family and friends throw a benefit.

The event is scheduled for Saturday, June 24th from noon to 6 at the Deerfield Fire House on Trenton Road in Utica. There will be plenty of food and beverages, a cash bar, live music and prizes that will be drawn for at 5 p.m..  If you would like to purchase tickets or make a donation, please call or text 315-368-8707.  Donations and ticket requests can also be mailed to Clara Odell at 5450 Summerset Way, Utica, NY 13502.

Benefit for Joe Morelle


When: Saturday, June 24, 2017   12 Noon - 6 pm

Where: Deerfield Fire House, Trenton Rd. Utica

Cost: $20 

Call or text 315-368-8707

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