Utica police say the same man is behind two strange incidents that kept local first responders busy on Friday.

The first occurred Friday morning at the M&T Bank on Genesee St. when he allegedly spread garbage throughout the entrance area to the bank and ATM vestibule. Then, police say he tried to place a hose under the door in an effort to flood the bank. Officers were able to identify the man using surveillance footage, and were actively looking for him.

Before they caught up with him, police say the same man is accused of lighting fire to a half a dozen bales of hay at the base of support beams at the Val Bialas Ski Center on Friday evening.

Albert Duffy, 51, was found at the hill of ski slope and taken into custody. In connection with both incidents, Duffy's been charged with two misdemeanors - criminal tampering and fifth degree arson - along with trespassing, a violation.