A Utica man who admitted to the horrific double murder of his own grandmother and her landlord in January of 2019 received his prison sentence in Oneida County Court on Monday.

Naythen Aubain, now 31, will spend the next 15 to 30 years behind bars after he pleaded guilty to two county manslaughter. The sentence breaks-down to 7 and a half to 15 years for each, to be served concurrently. Following the gruesome murders inside their Tilden Avenue home, Aubian confessed to the acts during an initial court appearance, saying of his 90-year-old grandma, Katherine Aubain, and her landlord - 87-year-old Jane Wentka - who also lived in the building, ''I chopped her up and I chopped up the landlady, too.''

Parts of the two elderly women's dismembered bodies were found in the home, on another nearby street, and buried in the ground at a location in Clayville.

Aubain also had a previous arrest for attacking his grandmother prior to the murders, WIBX reported at the time.

Shortly thereafter, Aubian was examined by mental health experts who determined he wasn't fit to stand trial. However, it was later determined he could stand trail, and he ultimately accepted a plea agreement, according to the UticaOD:

Coluzza — like members of Aubain’s family noted during victim impact statements — noted that Aubain was suffering from mental illness during the murders.

Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara had previously said the psychiatrist hired by prosecutors determined Aubain was acting under drug-induced psychosis, but synthetic drugs are not always tested for upon arrest back in January when the plea deal was announced.

Reading a statement in the courtroom Monday, an emotional Aubain apologized to his family and the family of Jane Wentka, the community and the church, the OD reported.

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