The Utica Police Department has arrested 14 people as part of a prostitution sting in the city.

On July 26 and 27th, UPD's tactical unit carried out an undercover operation to target the activity.

In all, 10 women were arrested for engaging in prostitution while 4 men were charged with patronizing a prostitute.

  • Durene Johnson 1136 Steuben St, Utica
  • Sarah Dyke 1431 Genesee St, Utica
  • Kimlee Zobrist 708 Roberts St, Utica
  • Eliza Phillips 1513 Howard Ave, Utica
  • Christy Williams 746 Blandina St, Utica
  • Katrina Fox 222 Lansing St, Utica
  • Pamela Parker 9 Grant St, Utica
  • Kathy Morgan 174 Hobart St #2, Utica
  • Sierra Baslow 174 Hobart St, Utica
  • Carrieanne Lewis 908 Warren St, Utica
  • Christopher A. Young 27 Clinton St, New York Mills
  • Joseph Dragotta 815 Oswego St, Utica
  • Brock Sillman 1538 Cobb St, Utica
  • Kpow Htoo 1607 Lincoln Ave, Utica

During the same investigation, two individuals were charged with the sale of untaxed or counterfeit cigarettes and three more were charged with selling alcohol to minors.

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