A large crowd gathered outside Utica City Hall on Monday to demand justice for Nyah Mway, the juvenile that was killed in an officer-involved shooting over the weekend.

Demonstrators attempted to gain access to a meeting of the Utica Common Council's morning meeting on July 1, but a majority of the crowd was unable to enter City Hall.

Live video taken of the gathering shows some protesters holding signs and sitting silently during the meeting, which was adjourned minutes after it started.

Those at City Hall on Monday were there to protest the death of Mway, who was shot and killed by a Utica Police officer on Friday night. Police say they stopped Mway and another juvenile on Shaw Street around 10:18 p.m., in relation to an investigation.

Mway fled during the stop and police say he displayed what appeared to be a handgun. The firearm in question turned out to be a replica pellet gun that resembled a Glock 17 Gen 5 handgun.

Police have since released the body cam footage from the officers involved in the incident.  Utica Police Chief Mark Williams said during a Saturday morning press conference that the department will engage in full transparency to share what they can during the investigation.

Chief Williams also identified the three involved officers as Officer Bryce Patterson, Officer Andrew Citriniti, and Officer Patrick Husnay - a 6-year veteran of the force who fired the fatal shot.

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Vigils have since been held to honor and remember Mway. On Monday, demonstrators called upon Utica Police, Utica Mayor Mike Galime, and city officials for a fair investigation and to hold the officers involved in the shooting accountable.

Megan Stone/WIBX
Megan Stone/WIBX

Protestors chanted Mway's name, as well as the phrases  "No justice, no peace," and "Who do you protect? Who do you serve?"

Mway's brother, identified as Thoung Oo, also spoke to the crowd. "He just graduated from middle school... Now he's gone," said Oo, adding his parents were unable to bring themselves to the rally due to the emotional toll.

He and Executive Director of the Midtown Utica Community Center Kay Klo also spoke to reporters following the rally.

"All I want is to see [Mway] one more time... I can't accept the fact that he's gone from my family. I can't accept the fact that he's not going to high school," said Oo, who became visibly distraught during the interview and was escorted away by family members.

"We're going to fight to see a better day and more equality. We are the future. This is our home. We are not running away," said Klo. "We need those responsible to be held accountable."

Below are images taken from the rally.

Rally for Nyah Mway Held in Front of Utica City Hall on July 1, 2024

Community members arrived at City Hall on Monday, July 1, to demand accountability and justice for Nyah Mway, the 13-year-old who was shot and killed by a Utica Police Officer last Friday night.

Gallery Credit: Megan

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