A Verizon employee is dead following a Truck/Pedestrian accident in Jefferson County.

New York State Police say they are still investigating the incident that occurred near 411 Main Street Tuesday in the Village of Theresa.

Police say a pickup truck being operated by 84-year-old John Vantassel of Philadelphia was traveling east on Main Street when he failed to notice the flagman holding a portable stop sign.

Officials say Vantassel ended up striking the worker in the work zone, causing him to be dragged underneath the truck.

Police say the flagman, 38-year-old Alec Williamson, was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing.

Officials continue to remind motorists to slow down in a work zone and always be vigilant. In New York State fines double for speeding while in a work zone and you're always encouraged to follow guidelines and directions given by those working in the zones.

New York State reports in 2018 there were 701 crashes in work zones on state roads and bridges, resulting in 13 motorist fatalities and 329 injuries to motorists, contractor employees and New York State Department of Transportation staff.

The state also reminds people to especially be aware of Flagger workers. The state writes online, "Standing at the edge of a work zone flagging traffic to slow down or stop is a uniquely vulnerable position, and personnel are often harassed by motorists and in some cases are hit – purposely or by accident – by vehicles traveling through the work zone." The state typically uses electronic messaging and other means to make motorists aware of traffic work. You can always find out what projects are going on and where crews are at 511ny.org.

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