Vernon, NY (WIBX) - A couple of years ago a fire destroyed a local lumber plant, displacing all its workers. Today, McDonough Lumber Company announced its plans to start rebuilding in late August or September.

Dan McDonough is the CEO of the company. He said he's rebuilding on the same site but under a different name--the previous business, McDonough Lumber is now, McDonough Harwoods. "I had to start a new corporation. My brother and I owned McDonough Lumber company but I'm going ahead on my own with McDonough Hardwoods so it's a new corporation but the same site," he said.

Initiating the rebuilding of McDonough Hardwoods was made possible with the support from a $315,000 Community Development Block Grant from Oneida County. Mohawk Valley Edge assisted the company to secure the grant, and will also help with the administration of it. Edge, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Mary Rizzo said getting to the rebuilding stage was a two year process. She said, "We were in communication with them within weeks talking about what happened, what can be done, what did he want to do. And from that discussion two years later became a financing project. It became how they fund their rebirth, their regrowth, and here we are today with grant money." Rizzo said on top of assisting with the process to secure and administer the CDBG, Edge is also helping them secure a loan for $75,000, which is still in the final bank closing stage.

Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente said it's about helping small businesses. He said, "As we often say, small businesses are the corner stone of our economy. And the ability for us to get them back up and working through our work with Mohawk Valley Edge, with USDA, with the County, with the County Board of Legislatures in moving this money through, puts 21 people back to work."

According to McDonough, some of the new hires will be those who were displaced after the first plant was destroyed by the 2008 fire. The cost of the construction project will be $4.5 million and manufacturer is expected to start later this year. On top of rebuilding the partially destroyed structure, McDonough said a new 17,000 square foot steel structure will be up within 60 days.

McDonough Hardwoods, LLC is located on 6395 Skinner Rd in Vernon.