Utica, NY (WIBX) - Two Utica Councilmen are discussing the concept of Mayor Rob Palmieri's downtown revamping and a proposed rail line making its make through Utica.

Frank Vescera and Jim Zecca were at Utica's Liberty Bell Park to talk about a proposed $16 million rail line linking Utica to Lake Placid.

Zecca says the rail line could be very beneficial to the area.

"People from New York and from the other metropolitan areas want to get an opportunity to get into a wilderness area," Zecca said. "And again, you're going to see things that you've never seen before, because a lot of the roads don't go through the area that these rail tracks go through."

If completed, the railroad would cut through some densely forested areas of Adirondack Park.

The two also discussed Mayor Palmieri's proposal to make Genesee Street a two lane road, with diagonal parking spaces and a median.

Vescera says the public should be able to get involved in the discussion.

"I've gotten several calls that our people are very concerned about this, and want this vetted now before we go through with this and make sure that ll of these things are thought out and addressed," Vescera said. "How are you going to get around a UPS truck with a median in the middle of a two lane road?"

Vescera says there are a number of concerns he has regarding the multi-million dollar layout, especially during the winter months.

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