Awww foxes are so cute! Ok, not the ones with rabies, as this woman from Ithaca knows all too well after this encounter.

She was on the phone outside her home when surveillance cameras caught the animal walking into the yard. It sneaks right up to her and viciously bites her on the leg. She's caught by total surprise and tries to fight it off, but the fox is relentless. Despite shaking and kicking the animal, he keeps coming back for more, even jumping up into her chest as she continues to to be mauled.

Each time she pushes or kicks the fox away, it comes back for more. The whole attack lasts about 25 seconds until another gentleman runs to the scene, with what looks like a metal pole, and scares off the animal.

A report came later on that the same fox tried attacking someone else in the area. It was eventually caught and put down. Afterward a rabies test came back positive.

As for the woman who was attacked, she's ok. No word on how many times she was bit or how severely.

I couldn't help but notice, the entire time she was being attacked by this creature, she never dropped her cell phone. I can only imagine being the person on the other side of the phone hearing the whole thing.

On their website, the New York State Department of Health offers a guide on how to keep yourself safe from rabies and what to do if you're exposed.

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