Utica's Harbor Point project is getting a little more visible.

Mayor Robert Palmieri announced today the the old DPW building across from Babe's on North Genesee Street will be torn down over the next month to make the Harbor more visible to those passing through the north end of the city.

The area where the building used to be will be landscaped and Palmieri says more commercial buildings will be put up along side, but with the existing building gone, you will be able to see the Harbor far better.

Utica's DPW will handle the demolition and Commissioner Dave short says while demolition will be finished in about four weeks, the area should be completely clean by spring because they have to split time between cleaning up the rubble and plowing Utica's streets in the event of heavy snowfall.

Palmieri also said the Division of Canals building that sits behind the old DPW building will be re-purposed to bring in shops and eateries that will attract more visitors.

He says that should happen after cleanup is completed and the Division on Canals can find a new home. That should take about a year.

Watch a video of the beginning of the demolition:

NOTE* Mayor Palmieri was not the operator of the construction vehicle in the above video.

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