If you have ever eaten a meal at Voss' BBQ in Yorkville you know how delicious it is. Whether it's pouring rain or Sunny and 75 there is most likely always a line. The Voss family is giving a friendly reminder to their cherished customers.

Kenton Voss posted in the Voss' Bar-B-Q Facebook group that patrons need to be very careful when it comes to parking at their business. The post read,

From the Voss family, though we very much appreciate your patronage, we ask for your cooperation that you please respect our neighbors property when parking your cars for a visit. There has been a number of towing incidents while cars were parked in other businesses lots. There has been additional signage put up recently to detour illegal parking. We would hate to have a pleasant visit ruined by your car being towed and the associated costs. If possible please pass this information on to other interested parties. Thank you, Kenton Voss

If you are worried about where to park, maybe consider taking a stroll to this CNY staple. As good as the hot dogs are, a towed vehicle is NOT good.

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